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For professionals:
Training and consultation on partner violence

For individuals and couples:
Counselling & group programs
for people experiencing aggression or abuse
   from partners or other family members
for people being aggressive
group programs for anger or aggression
support group for men who have
   experienced partner abuse
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Individual Counselling

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Stay Cool! ... Alternatives to Aggression - A group program for women who have trouble controlling their anger

Think Twice! ... For men who are aggressive in their relationships

MAPA Support Group ...
Men affected by Partner Abuse Support Group -
A therapeutic, educational  support group for men with aggressive partners


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Domineering Teenagers. Are Parents Losing the Battle?

Walking on Egg Shells Assessment

Victim or Abuser? Or both? ... How to Tell

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Toni McLean

Are you in a relationship where there is a high level of conflict?

Do you want to end the angry or aggressive behaviour which actually
stops you from getting what you need from your relationship?

Whether we're on the receiving end of this kind of behaviour, or find ourselves using it, even though we say
over and over again that we won't do it anymore, it is exhausting and soul-destroying to have this kind of relationship.

Continuing to do the same old thing and hoping or wishing that it will be different next time does not usually help things to change.

If you want to avoid your relationship disintegrating, with all the inevitable difficulties that follow, think about what has to change.

Toni is an experienced counsellor with a special interest in high conflict relationships.
She has a wealth of experience with people affected by abusive or aggressive behaviour in relationships, as well as with people using abusive or aggressive behaviour.

Think about what you would like your relationship to be like and what you need to help you get there.
Then take the next step and call to make an appointment.

Are you a profesional or an organisation who wants to know more about
partner abuse or aggression and how to respond to it appropriately?

There are many myths and misunderstandings about the nature of abusive or aggressive behaviour between partners.
Some common ones are:

Women are rarely physically aggressive.                      If he is the victim, he must have deserved it.
If the children are asleep, they're not affected.               It doesn't affect men as much as women.
All abusive behaviour is the same.                               Once there is violence, you have to leave.
S/he can't control what they do when they're stressed.
Men who are aggressive think they have to be in charge.
You shouldn't do counselling with a couple where there is violence.

Unfortunately, if we don't fully understand abuse and aggression in relationships we can end up doing more harm than good.

If you would like to be more informed and competent in this area, call Toni for individual or group consultation or training.

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If your relationship looks more like an unhealthy or even an abusive one, this is how we can help you:

By providing a respectful, nonjudgemental environment in which you can learn:

  Why you keep doing the same old thing
  How to stop the conflict merry-go-round and respond calmly, using the right words and behaviour to
    handle conflict situations

  How to convert the anger of conflict to the energy of collaboration
  Mutually respectful, clear, and effective communication skills
  How to change the dynamics in your relationship
  How to create a loving and satisfying relationship

At the initial interview we decide together the best way for you to develop the skills and understanding that will change your relationship from an unhealthy or abusive one into a mutually loving and supportive one.
We can choose from individual, couple or group sessions, or a combination of these, to provide the best strategy for your relationship needs and your financial situation
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